Five Piece Sets – Option 1


5 Piece – FullMelt collection Option 1

Our 5 Piece FullMelt Collection Hash Bags are our recommended go to set for anyone interested in collecting Full Melt Hash. 

  • 250µm FullMelt Filter bag
  • 160µm FullMelt Filter bag
  • 120 µm FullMelt Filter bag
  • 90µm FullMelt Filter bag
  • 38µm FullMelt Filter bag
Also included:
  • 1 x (30cm x 30cm) pressing/drying screening
  • 1 x Carrier bag


FullMelt Filtration Bubble Hash Bags: 5 Piece – FullMelt collection

First is our 250u bulk separation bag that is essential for removing the bulk of the plant material from the crude separation. 

The 190u bag is then used clean the collection below it.  Followed by a 160u bag as the initial refinement bag to clean up the lower micron collections of smaller contaminates that may have passed through the 250u bag. 

We also include a 120u bag as a second refinement bag, used to clean up the material collected in the 90u bag. The 90u bag is included and is prized by many as the butter bag or a reliable collection sieve for Full Melt Hash. The use of a 120u bag maximizes your ability to collect the finest most potent slice of the spectrum possible. 

The 38u bag is then used to collect everything below the 90u bag, usually containing trichome heads that are still developing or ripening. The collection here is often not as potent or pungent as the 90u collection but can still be of a very high quality.

The Micron bags are used as follows in this set:

250u – Used as a bulk separation bag to separate the bulk of the plant material from the sifted ice water and resin solution.

160u – 1st refinement bag: Used to refine the collection below by collecting finer impurities that were not collected in the 250u bag. 

120u – 2nd refinement bag: Used to refine the final collection by collecting even finer impurities that were not collected in the 160u bag.

90u – 1st collection bag – The Butter Bag. Is used to collect the Highest quality resin possible.

38u – 2nd collection bag used to collect less developed trichome heads from the sifted resin.

Check out our Bag break down page for more details on these types of bags and why it is often the go to set for many Hash makers that are looking to pull a finer quality material from their sift.


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