Three Piece Sets – Option 2


Option 2

Our 3 Piece – Special set is a unique choice in the field of Hash production. The goal with this cascade is to refine and isolate 2 distinct spectrums of trichome head sizes. We would recommend using a large 250u bag (200L) as a bulk separation bag to separate the bulk of the plant material from the sifted resin before filtering through the 3 Piece – special.  Often the material produced is processed further into rosin or other concentrate.

FullMelt Filtration Bubble Hash Bags: 3 Piece – 25 Standard

Our 25 standard 3 Piece set is our recommended go to set for anyone looking to sift for a wider spectrum of unripe and ripe capitate stalk head (trichome glands or heads). As well as other trichome gland types like capitate Sessile and Bulds head which although small contain unique cannabinoids and terpenes that are not often seen in Hash. This bag is more used in the commercial and laboratory space to collect a large spectrum of cannabis trichomes for further processing. Although very interesting research, the material collected is often not high on the Melt’abilty index and is more recommended for those either doing research in the space or those that want to produce a product that is lower in potency but more accurate in representing a more full spectrum of the sifted resin.

The Micron bags are used as follows in this set:

250u – Used as a bulk separation bag to separate the bulk of the plant material from the sifted ice water and resin solution. 160u – Used to refine the final collection bag(s) by collecting finer impurities that were not collected in the 250u bag.  25u – Final collection bag used to collect the bulk of the sifted resin. Check out our Bag break down page for more details on the type of bag and why its used.

  • 250µm FullMelt Filter bag
  • 160µm FullMelt Filter bag
  • 25µm FullMelt Filter bag
Also included:
  • 1 x (30cm x 30cm) pressing/drying screening
  • 1 x Carrier bag



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